On this page are links to google maps that detail sites of interest to Islamic Studies researchers, namely libraries, archives, museums, bookstores, and historical sites. Suggestions and updates to any of the maps listed below are always welcome.

Key to Google Maps:
Purple Markers – Libraries, Archives, Research Centers
Magenta Markers – Bookstores
Green Markers – Historical Sites, Religious Sites
Blue Markers – Museums, Galleries

View Islamicana Map to Istanbul
Created by Martin Nguyen
Last Updated 24 March 2012
Istanbul is home to several important libraries and research centers as well as purveyors of Arabic and used books. Most abundant, however, are sites of historical and religious interest. Rather than trying to exhaustively list all of these places of interest I have selected a few noteworthy, but often overlooked sites. The best guide available to visitors is unquestionably Strolling Through Istanbul by Hilary Sumner-Boyd and John Freely, which has fortunately come back into print. The book provides a number of detailed walking tours with fascinating descriptions of each site along the way. For those interested in moving beyond the typical tourist attractions, the guide is indispensable. For those with appetites for good food as well as historical knowledge there is a small book called Istanbul Eats: Exploring the Culinary Backstreets, now in its third edition (2011). The book can be found at Insan Kitap, which is marked on the map, among other places. The bloggers behind Istanbul Eats put together this handy gastronomical guide.

View Islamicana Map to Connecticut
Created by Martin Nguyen
Last Updated 2 April 2012
Since Connecticut is home territory, I have compiled a concise map to the major libraries, mosques, and booksellers in the state that I know of and/or frequent. At present I am adding entries from the Connecticut Antiquarian Booksellers Directory 2012. More sites of interest certainly exist, so suggestions, corrections and details would be most appreciated.

Future maps are currently planned for:
New York City